Winter Skin

Freezing temperatures and warm central heating can wreak havoc on our skin and cause inflammation, redness and dry patches. Our skin needs some TLC so it's prepared for the harsh winter.

All of our products help to equip the body and the skin to deal with stress, caused by both the internal stress from anxiety and low mood, but also the external stressors such as those caused by environmental changes. Our oils are nourishing to combat this and rich enough to deeply moisturise a more sensitive skin but none more than our bestselling Dreamy Skin.

Our night oil of dreams works to regenerate skin cells while you sleep, helps to correct damage, reduce inflammation, dark spots and relieve stress. Enriched with rosehip, frankincense and watermelon oils, it contains 0.5 per cent retinal to help reduce pigmentation, scars and pore size.

Dreamy Skin contains potent Rosehip oil which not only hydrates, but also contains essential fatty acids (an incredible 80%) which help to improve skin’s texture and elasticity. Natural oils have a long history of stress-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief for many people experience dry skin. Whilst retinyl (a pure form of vitamin A) has the ability to penetrate the outer layers of skin and work to repair the lower layers – where collagen and elastin reside. Lastly, the essential oils not only impart a divine scent they will help you feel relaxed before bed and balance hormones internally.

Apply 2-3 drops at night and you’ll wake up to clearer skin thats more even, radiant and plump. For dryer skin types you can use a serum beforehand.

All we want for Christmas is Dreamy Skin.