“I have combination skin which is oily in some places and dry in others. I am also quite prone to breakouts and it can be difficult to find products which work for me.

Good Skin has completely changed the game for me! I have been using it religiously for about two years now! I apply a few drops every night before bed and have noticed my skin is so much more balanced, healthy and smooth. I also use the Balancing Mist as a little pick me up for my skin when I'm feeling tired at work and it works wonders!

I couldn't recommend Disciple products more highly - especially for people with tricky skin looking for ethically-produced, natural and trustworthy products.” 


“My skin is unpredictable, oily in some places but really dry in others so it’s difficult to find products that cater to both extremes. I love Disciple because the products genuinely work for my skin, they don’t give false promises and actually does what it says.

In addition to that, the ethics behind the company is what really sold me! I love that for every product purchased, one is donated to people that need it!

My favourite product is tough because I love two! I love Good Skin oil so much I would bathe in it if I could and I love Dreamy Skin. It makes my skin glow so much and has really helped with my scars.”


“I’ve suffered with adult acne for ten years now and have tried every remedy and cult product under the sun. As I hit my 30s I’ve taken a bit of a leap and started taking Roaccutane but a side effect of this is that my usually super oily skin has become so dry and sensitive (but as it’s early on in treatment- still spotty).

I’d used Disciple for a few months anyway but it’s pretty much one of the only products I can put onto my face without burning/ stinging or other side effects- proof that natural is best! It’s an absolute godsend and whilst nourishing my skin, I know it’s not going to aggravate and cause more spots. 

I’ve also recently started taking the CBD oil drops under my tongue and again, head and shoulder above any other CBD oil I’ve tried for calming and reducing anxiety. I’m also a big fan in that it’s in hemp oil so not going to block pores if I do apply topically.”