3 Products You Need To Prep Your Skin For The Party Of The Decade

Failure to prepare, means preparing to fail.

Prep your skin for the party of the decade with these three glow potions: 


1. Dreamy Skin 

Reverse the past ten years (kind of) and regenerate your skin with retinyl night oil Dreamy Skin. A proven anti-aging ingredient, it works on a molecular level to ensure that your skin cells are working efficiently while you sleep. Bringing the newest skin cells to the surface means that your skin feels as smooth as it did back in 2008. Literally working overtime while you sleep, it helps to boost collagen production and helps fade any unwanted hyperpigmentation too. 


2. What Spot? 

Because the cheeseboards have been unavoidable, let's been honest. If your skin has decided to showcase how overindulgent your December has been, then What Spot? can help to diffuse the whole situation that is currently happening on your face. A surgical rollerball that is self-cleaning and containing natural anti-septic black cumin seed oil, no unwanted picking or squeezing has to take place. Instead, your unwanted friends will quietly pipe down, leaving without a trace. It also contains natural salicylic to help breakdown any sticky sebum. 


3. Juicy Mist 

If the balance between mulled wine and water is also way off in your household currently, you may also be feeling rather dehydrated. Your skin is often the first to show any signs of dehydration, and thirsty skin can make make-up application a lot more difficult. If dewy-skin and a smokey eye is your your party look of choice, then spritz away with Juicy Mist to boost those water levels in the skin. Containing aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, it is much like a nice, cold glass of water for your skin, leaving your face feeling plumped up and refreshed.