It’s not just us at Disciple HQ who love using Miracle Drops - we tested them out on some of our friends and here is what they had to say…

“I love it so much! I always have it in my bag so I can add two drops into my americano in the morning! Lately I’ve been adding 2-3 drops into my moisturiser because the weather has been so cold and windy, it gives my skin a moisture boost! It soaks in best after I use night shift in the evenings”  Lora

“I’ve been using it mostly at night, using it orally and found I’m sleeping much longer! Once I even overslept on a weekend and it felt so good” - Floriana

“I’ve been mixing a few drops with my good skin oil at night and I’m LOVING IT!” - Maggie

“So I’ve been using it once a week in my Starbucks and its helps with my skin and headaches. I use other Disciple products which help with my skin as well. No major flair ups since using it, so far so good” - Elvira

“I take CBD topically and it has helped with my anxiety so much!! I take it every morning to feel balanced. Throughout the day I use the balancing mist and the smell makes me feel calm” - Ayesha

Let us know how use your CBD Miracle Drops by using the hashtag #MyCBD