Hey, Daniella here, otherwise known as the office insomniac.

Like a lot of people I had trouble sleeping. Despite loving sleep. It was turbulent relationship. I was in a never ending cycle; struggling to fall asleep, worrying when I wasn’t sleeping, knowing I should be, waking up throughout the night and exhausted in the morning making me a terrible morning person where I wouldn’t speak until I had tasted caffeine. (Still need caffeine)

After reading lots of information, trying sleeping sprays and mediating it was approaching the point where I felt the only solution was to try sleeping tablets. Something I wanted to prolong for as long as possible. But thankfully before I made the doctor’s appointment I tried CBD Miracle Drops. Game, or rather sleep-changer.

Finally I’m falling asleep quickly, getting more rest and having a better sleep. CBD doesn’t just help with the physical aspects of sleep; it also helps you get to the state of mind you need to be in to be able to rest. Basically less anxious. You’re so relaxed you aren’t worried whether you’re going to fall asleep or not. Plus in the morning you don’t feel drowsy. CBD really is the miracle molecule.

I use two drops of CBD miracle drops with dreamy skin and apply it directly to face during my night time skincare routine. Later, roughly an hour before I want to fall asleep, I take a pipette of CBD miracle drops down the hatch, in true Disciple fashion. (Under the tongue) Although you can feel results immediately, taking a pipette an hour before bed means I am fully relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

There are lots of factors which contribute to a night’s sleep and like anything else sleeping patterns are different to each individual. Some customers who don’t drink and live healthy lifestyles wont wake up until the next morning after using miracle drops, whilst others who have a lot of stress in their life have longer bursts of deep sleep and for myself who has a life similar to reality tv show I can finally fall asleep quickly and not worry about sleeping. I still wake up during the night but always fall back asleep instantly. S/O to miracle drops for drastically improving my quality of sleep.

Are you ready to say goodbye to anxious nights and late night scrolling, and hello to a quality sleep? Buy your CBD here.

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