Dehydrated skin but no money to spend on facials? Here are five ways you can treat yourself to a relaxing facial from the comfort of your home.

First set the mood. Light a few candles, play relaxing music, pop on a dressing gown and if you’re extra AF add a headband.


Remove your makeup with our oil based cleanser Night Shift which will gently and efficiently remove all make up, even the thickest of mascaras. Massage the cleanser all over your face, eyes and neck. Apply the hot wrung out cloth to your whole face. Take a deep breath and wipe away the long day.


Next spritz. Take Balancing Mist and lightly spritz over your face and neck. Inhale for full calming benefits. Not only does this smell amazing but the geranium floral water balances oily patches whilst simultaneously encouraging dry patches to boost normal oil secretion.


This step is optional and for experienced steamers. Fill a pot with boiling water, allowing the steam to penetrate your pores. For a more intense steam put a towel over you head to contain the steam. Please don’t go too close to the boiling water. Stop after five to ten minutes. Avoid squeezing and extracting spots. Tempting, I know.


Now for your spa moment. For oily skin types use a clay mask and dry skin types use a hydrating gel or cream mask. Or use a sheet mask, this is your facial. Now relax for ten to fifteen minutes. Remember to add cucumbers to de-puff tired eyes. After time is up be sure to wash off the mask and spritz again to close your pores.


Finally moisturise your skin. For dry skin types apply a serum beforehand and finish with combining two drops of Dreamy Skin and two drops of CBD Miracle Drops, heating up the oils in your palms and gently sweeping the oils across your face. Not only will you fall asleep quickly from the CBD you’ll wake up to clearer skin that is radiant, plump and hydrated.

Finish by drinking a glass of water, changing your pillow case and enjoy your hydrated skin.