Winter and dry skin are best friends.

So how do we at Disciple HQ keep our skin hydrated and dewy? Dreamy Skin ofc.

Our night oil of dreams works to regenerate skin cells while you sleep, helps to correct damage, reduce inflammation, dark spots and relieve stress. Enriched with rosehip, frankincense and watermelon oils, it contains 0.5 per cent retinal to help reduce pigmentation, scars and pore size.

Rosehip seed oil is filled with potent essential fatty acids (an incredibly 80%) which help to improve skin’s texture and elasticity, while retinyl (a pure form of vitamin A) has the ability to penetrate the outer layers of skin and work to repair the lower layers – where collagen and elastin reside. The essential oils not only impart a divine scent they will help you feel relaxed before bed and balance hormones internally.

Apply 2-3 drops at night and you’ll wake up to clearer skin thats more even, radiant and plump. For dryer skin types you can use a serum beforehand. Natural, clean and hand crafted in small batches ensuring freshness and potency.

All we want for Christmas is dreamy skin. Is it on your list?