Meet Ruth, plant based foodie in London. 

Get to know our ambassador: 

Q: What's your skin type?

I have combination skin that's prone to redness and the odd blemish. I've never had perfect skin, but I developed acne when I was 23 (I'm now 26) and found Disciple in my quest to heal it. I no longer suffer from angry breakouts but am constantly reading up on ways to make my skin brighter and more glowy. My current concern is the fine lines around my eyes, though I'm learning to see them as a symbol of how much I laugh rather than anything to worry about. 

Q: Favourite Disciple product?

I love the Good Skin and Dreamy Skin duo Discovery Kit but I also apply CBD Miracle Drops when I do feel spots coming. It always helps to bring inflammation down, and I like to think it works on my stress-levels at the same time!

Q: How do you manage your stress?

It depends on the type of stress - I used to be a big boxing fan, but I'm increasingly looking at ways of bringing my cortisol down, which involves more yoga and meditation than anything too high-intensity. I feel my best when I wake up 20-30 minutes before my alarm to stretch, practice mindulness and set my intention for the day. I'd like to be thought of as 'nice and hardworking', and reminding myself of that in the morning keeps me in check throughout the day! 

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