Meet Jessamy, designer in London. 

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Q: What's your skin type? 

I have combination skin that occasionally flares up with mild acne due to medication I was previously on.

Q: Favourite Disciple product?

CBD Miracle Drops - it helps any sore spots I get on my face or body. It also really  helps my anxiety and chronic pain I get from my ME/CFS. I can't believe I've only  recently started using it. It is honestly something I tell everyone to buy for their general wellbeing.

Q: How do you manage stress? 

Stress is something I'm constantly trying different things to help ease, but currently, I enjoy baths with epsom salts and essential oils before sleep as well as yoga and turning my phone off occasionally even if only for a few hours. Exercise also helps, I do HIIT workouts, go to the gym and also go to a pole dance school. 

Meet our ambassadors