Meet Claude, artist in London. 

Get to know our ambassador:

Q: What's your skin type?

My skin used to be pretty normal, but it’s definitely oily/combination now! I tend to get more hormonal breakouts than when I was younger too, which I guess is just a sign of my body maturing!

Q: Favourite Disciple product?

Balancing Mist is definitely my favourite product! I take it with me everywhere I go for a quick refresh, which is great in this hot weather. It smells amazing too and has become an integral part of my ‘chilling out’ routine. 

Q: How do you manage stress?

My go-to routine at the moment involves going to the gym for a good workout, heading home for a super hot shower and then taking the evening to pamper myself. I tend to put on some laidback jazz too which really helps to get me in a relaxed mood and usually leads to me creating some new artwork for an hour or so. 

Meet our ambassadors