Balancing Mist - 100ml

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⚖ Combination/oily

⚡ Stressed

💥 Breakouts

Pure Geranium floral water with healing and protecting Copper Peptide. Floral waters are created during the distillation process of extracting essential oil. While the essential oil of the plant material is extracted the remaining water still contains powerful components of the plant or flower. Our pure geranium water balances oily patches and encourages dry patches to boost normal oil secretion. Geranium also aids progesterone balance, estrogen balance and thyroid issues. Copper peptides can rejuvenate skin cells in aging tissue, boosting the production of collagen and elastin. 

Method: Can be used at any time as a pick-me-up, toner or make-up refresher. Lightly mist over face and neck and take a few deep breaths for full balancing and calming benefits.

Suitable for all skin-types. 

✓ Vegan

✓ Cruelty-Free

Ingredients: Graveolens Flower Hydrolat (Geranium), Copper Tripeptide-1, Glycerin.

Due to the nature of natural ingredients, colour and scent can vary slightly due to crop, harvest and season. This does not affect the efficacy of the product.

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