Q: Hi Charlotte, I've recently started working in the city and have to commute every morning across town. I've noticed that since I've started working and travelling in such a busy environment, I've had endless colds and throat infections. My skin has taken a hit too, and I seem to be constantly breaking out. The longer commute means late nights and early mornings and I think my immune system is taking a bit of a hit. I'm feeling a bit run down, what would you recommend for a pick me up? 

If you're currently experiencing consistent coughing, sneezing, fever and grogginess, your body is likely trying to tell you something. Sometimes our bodies send us signals that we shouldn’t ignore.  Environmental factors, such as pollutants and toxins, may also weaken your immune system over time. We all go through busy spells and don't leave enough time to fully rest up, so it's important to supplement our hectic lifestyles with some much needed natural boosters. Tea Tree essential oil is a triple threat - antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. It can be used as a natural disinfectant by diffusing the oil throughout your home, car or work place. This will help eliminate any harmful germs that are in the air.   

Taking time for yourself to relax greatly improves our immune system. Try to practice some meditation or if that’s not for you, indulge in a massage or your favourite facemask. Keep an eye on how much sleep your getting and how much exercise you’re doing - exercise increases circulation, which boosts the production of antibodies in your body that fight disease.