I’ve always felt better breathing in fresh air. A trip out of the city into the countryside can solve so many worries or at least give you a fresh perspective on them without the noise and the distractions of the city itself. It isn’t always possible to escape though and that’s why I wanted my home to be filled with plants, so that I had nature around me when I couldn’t make it to nature itself. 

I’m a big fan of breathing exercises, and when things feel too much, I have the headspace app on my phone so that I can use their breathing exercises whenever I need. I’ll use some essential oils when I am doing this at home before bed, and a favourite at the moment is rosemary, as this stops your mind from jumping and it is great for clarity and focus.

I live near a main road, and I am very aware of how much pollution there is in London, so it’s been a real focus of mine to fill my home with plants that help to purify the air. I love this Ted Talk by Kamal Meattle which explains how he improved his office air quality by turning his office into a jungle. This is my inspiration when adding plants to my home.

I work full time alongside managing Succulence, and when we moved into a new office my company asked if I could make the space green and jungly. I used my favourite low maintenance plants for this - Rubber plant, snake plant, devils ivy, philodendron, Zz plant and monstera. They all have air cleaning properties and they all need minimal care to keep them green and healthy.

It’s amazing how small touches of nature can improve your mood. A plant by or on your desk to calm you during the day, Zz plants are a fabulous office plant, as they survive all kinds of neglect! or place a snake plant on a bedside table so that you can see it when you wake up- it will also pump out oxygen at night time while you sleep.

By Sarah, Brand Ambassador