Our Podcast Picks

Say goodbye to the January blues with our favourite podcast picks recommended by our brand ambassadors.

Whether you’re interested in culture, wellness, politics or beauty there is a podcast for you.

Gurls Talk with Adwoa Aboah 

For anyone out there who struggles with their mental health, or just life in general, this podcast is a godsend. Model and activist, Adwoa Aboah, talks with her guests about everything from depression to eating disorders, and sport to fashion – all the while focusing on how to handle this sometimes hectic world. This is perfect to listen to on your morning commute to get you fired up for the day and feeling like an absolute boss. Recommended by Claude. 

Heavy Mental with Rhys Owen King and Leila Kate King

Candid chatter about thing that matter, my favourite podcast ever! It feels like hugging a mug of steaming tea while being brought snacks while listening to metal and having a really raw, refreshingly honest conversation about mental health with your two besties. Two besties that just so happen to be married and able to offer opposite view points and advice that somehow leave you feeling whole, complete and utterly cool with your uniqueness. I actually recorded an episode with them too about running a business while struggling with anxiety. Recommended by Kat.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Why do I love it? Jay Shetty was a former monk. To become a monk, he gave up his worldly belongings to become a monk for three years. To fully embark on a journey of the realisation of what it means to truly live. His podcasts give me the daily pointers on how to navigate and exist in a world with so many obstacles and how actually not to see them as obstacles, but more as mini journeys that’s not actually that difficult to embark on if you have the right mindset on how to absorb what’s happening. Recommended by Braid. 

The Tony Robins Podcast

My all time favourite podcast would definitely be The Tony Robins Podcast. As a life coach, I get massively inspired by his work, but I also believe this podcast is great for anyone looking for motivation in personal and professional life. I especially enjoyed his last episodes were about productivity, resolutions that last and mental health which I greatly appreciate. Recommended by Mish. 

Caught Off Guard

Currently my favourite podcast is Caught Off Guard by Patricia Bright. It delves into people’s successes, failures and life experiences. With each episode I find myself learning and taking something away that helps me in everyday situations. It is motivating to understand people’s journeys, struggles and how they came out on the other side for the better, even when they thought it was all over. Recommended by Ashley. 

Beauty Full Lives

Madeleine Spencer is a beauty journalist who interviews people in the beauty world (brand founders, makeup artists, journalists) to reflect on the challenges and triumphs they've faced throughout their lives, and how they found beauty. I also love The Calmer You by Chloé Brotheridge who is anxiety expert and hypnotherapist, and discusses anxiety, tools and more. And she’s written two books on the subject too. Recommended by Fani.