Move at your own pace this Mercury Retrograde

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and another Mercury Retrograde creeping up on us, it can be so easy to lose yourself in a thought or a feeling. That’s why this February, it’s important to remember practices of calming the mind, and finding patience not only with others - but with ourselves.

We begin February by feeling the rawness and realness of 2020. We’re all undertaking a complete realignment of our spiritual paths and life direction inflicted by the Lunar Eclipse last month, and there’s a lot of changes happening in the world politically/energetically that we can feel in our bodies. That’s why this month is about embracing going at your own pace rather than following the bustling flow of traffic.

On 7 February, Venus, planet of love and romance, enters fierce Aries where she’ll stay for the rest of the month.

When this tender, planetary goddess is infused with Aries fire-sign-furry, we feel unstoppable and determined with matters of our body, skincare routine, and aesthetic choices in general. However, remember that a fast fix isn’t always the best one. This cosmic occurrence might make us forget that what looks good in the moment isn’t always the most wholesome long term solution. So, before you get an impulse haircut that steals away your inches, or use a serum that instantly zaps away your spots, take time to ask yourself how you hold longevity in your body and mind. As the famous idiom goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

On 9 February we have a Full Moon occuring at 20degrees of proud and pristine Leo.

This Lunation brings all attention to you and your needs. Leo is a fire sign that knows what she wants, and more importantly on the Full Moon, what she wants to get rid of. Full Moons are a time of shedding and release, so whatever you need to remove from your life that might have carried over from the last decade is really ready to go now. Whether it’s a hair care product that’s not doing its job, or a whole man that you can’t be bothered to deal with anymore, it’s time to take out the trash spiritually and physically.

Mercury Retrograde between the signs Aquarius and Pisces begins on 17 February and will stay in Retrograde motion until next month on 10 March.

Retrogrades are a time for us to slow down and really plan and process past events. It’s a nostalgic time that can cloud our vision with past versions of ourselves that we’re not in touch with anymore, or have grown out of. As much as people speak of the doom and gloom of the Retrograde (missing trains, technology going haywire), it’s actually a great time to reformulate and scheme. This might take the form of planning your next holiday, or researching the best local tattoo artists to create that piece you’ve wanted for ages.

My biggest piece of Mercury Retrograde advice is to focus on planning for your future rather than getting swept away in the past. Don’t let your ex sing sweet nothings into your ear, or convince yourself that the grass was greener on the other (past) side. Who you are now is strong, passionate, and wildly different to even a year ago - even if you don’t feel it. So, don’t let anyone stop your progress.

Especially not Mercury when she Retrogrades.

Stay Soft, Angels. 

- Marissa Malik