Eclipse Energies & Saturn’s Structures

Planets can shift energies faster than it takes your morning coffee to kick in.

They can knock us down unrelentingly and can leave us spiralling on the phone to our bestie, but just as easily motivate us to take life changing risks that move us closer to reaching our full potential and goals.This January is no different, and in fact, we can expect our bodies to feel various energetic shifts at a rapid rate. Why? Because Eclipse season is here!

Eclipse season is one of the most dramatic times in the astrological sky. Eclipses manifest as hard and fast changes, or mini life-revolutions that seemingly come out of nowhere. They bring us clear endings and beginnings, and the universe is always sure to let us know that these conclusions are non negotiable. The energy of eclipses lasts about six months after their occurrence, too, so pay attention to any themes to your eclipse brings - they could pop back up in a few months!

On 10 January a Lunar Eclipse occurs at 20degrees of tender water sign Cancer.

Cancer is notoriously a tearful sign that swims in her emotions. She’s ruled by the moon and finds joy in nurturing herself, her home, and others. This makes the eclipse a very tender moment, filled with a yearning to cultivate our potential by showing us some harsh realities. To prep for this weepy energy, be sure to stay hydrated, and stock your purse with plenty of tissues.

On 12 January a planetary aspect is occurring between powerful Pluto and Saturn at 22degrees.

These two planets will be conjunctwith one another, meaning they’ll join energies to bring us a heavy dose of revolution, reality, and rectification. Astrologers have been whispering about this for months now, as this aspect hasn’t occurred since the 1980’s! Combined with the eclipses, it’ll be an intense and transformative time, to say the least!

Saturn is the planet of restriction, rules, and structure, while Pluto rules over change and rebirth. We can expect some massive modifications in both the global structure of the world via state governments, but also on a smaller level with our routines and goals. Make time to check in with your personal care routines, and be sure to stock up on what you need to cleanse yourself; it’ll help you lean into any new pathways you’re presented with.

The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on 24 January at 4degrees of air sign Aquarius.

This New Moon is washed in an energy of fierce independence, and eccentric inclinations. Feed your creative side, but remember that it’s ok to ask for help. Keep Beyoncé on your playlist, and think about what true vulnerability feels like. New Moons are a time to reset intentions and decide what you’d like to manifest over the next month, so mentally or physically journal what you’d like to see happen in the coming days.

Basically, the breakdown for this month is to breathe through the upcoming eclipse, because you will come out on the other side stronger. When you emerge into the New Moon after the Saturn Pluto conjunction does its thing, don’t let past events harden you.

Stay soft, angels.
- Marissa Malik