My skin seems to have an insatiable thirst. Drink more water they said. It’ll help.

There’s no doubt that drinking lots of water has a number of health benefits, but when it comes to dehydrated skin there’s a quicker fix.

It appears that regardless of how much water you drink, if your skin is as dry as mine, the dry patches will continue to appear. Any water you drink must pass through the rest of your body first, meaning that the majority goes to your vital organs and cells, reaching your skin last. This usually means there’s not much left to go around the time it reaches your dermis. I’ve come to the realisation that the best way for your skin to gain any hydration is to apply it directly onto the area it is required.

The hyaluronic Acid in our new Juicy Mist is a water magnet. It grabs onto any water it can find and keeps it close. Whenever your skin feels a bit tight or dry it’s really tempting to slather on the oil or the moisturiser, when really, all your skin may need is some good old-fashioned H20.

The Aloe Vera in Juicy Mist is packed full of hydration, and provides an extra moisture cushion. Oily skin and dry skin can both benefit from a water top-up as the majority of us are dehydrated in general. If you’re like me, your telltale signs include: foundation that is incapable of not flaking, redness and unpredictable dry patches. Oilier skin types respond to dehydration by overcompensating and producing more sebum. It’s a win-win for all. Mist away my friends.

Don’t forget to consider that water evaporates and so it’s important to lock in all this newfound hydration with an oil. Think of it like a seal that is preventing any water loss.

Just like keeping internally hydrated and drinking throughout the day, it’s best to keep those water levels topped-up from morning to night if your skin is as dry as mine. Juicy Mist is now my product of choice, for any time of day. Post shower? Spritz. On the train? Spritz. Walking the dog? SPRITZ.