How Our Brand Ambassadors Practise Self-Care

It’s no secret that January can be stressful and challenging. Self-care is important all year round but during this time it’s important to allow yourself to relax and recenter amongst the madness. Discover how our brand ambassadors practise self-care and navigate a dull January. 

Brand Amassador Claude:

“During winter I try to say “no” to things more often. We’re often told to say ‘yes’ to things as much as possible, and while this can lead to exciting doors being opened, it isn’t always beneficial when you’re trying to stay well. Thanks to dark nights and nippy temperatures, sometimes all we want to do is scurry off home from work and retreat to our beds (usually armed with snacks and a new Netflix series) – and there’s no shame in that! If you’re really not feeling that event, or don’t fancy hanging outside a rammed pub in sub-zero temperatures, saying ‘no’ can feel so good. Listen to your body and don’t try to stretch yourself too thinly!”

Brand Ambassador Fani:

“Taking some moments for myself on a busy day is so important, particularly now that's it's freezing cold and dark. To make sure my body and mind are in sync and work well during winter, I try and meditate daily, usually before bed but I'm making an effort to do that in the morning instead, to extend the good vibes through the day. Working out (gym or workout class or even an at-home YouTube video) helps me so much and gives me the energy I need. I try to have a cosy space, light up loads of candles and take baths to relax me. The last thing I've been doing lately that puts me in a good mood, is taking 15-30 minutes each morning to read my book with my cup of coffee. As soon as that's done I get to work, feeling more calm and positive.”

Brand Ambassador Agata:

“Winter and the darkness it brings always make me super moody so I need to remember to give myself a break during the weekend. On Saturdays and Sundays I love to listen to a good playlist, take a long bath and put on a face mask. For my cold season tiredness a well balanced plant based diet has been of great help. Also if I’m feeling very stressed or melancholic CBD is my saviour. The Miracle Drops are my favourite source!

Brand Ambassador Baz:

“Winter in London means cold and very dry air. I need to wrap a wooly scarf around my face to prevent as much exposure to the air as possible to stop my skin from drying out (and also forming icicles on my nose). As someone who previously had oily skin, I’ve always been very iffy about facial oils however the Good Skin oil-serum has been such a godsend product to protect my skin from drying out in the air as I walk to university in the mornings, whilst also giving a lovely morning and lively looking glow. Awaiting my return is CBD Miracle Drops. I apply two to three drops before going to bed to ensure I wake with baby soft skin.”