Part 2 customers reviews of Miracle Drops CBD.

“I’ve been taking Disciple CBD drops for the past few weeks before bed and its really helped me with my sleep! I didn’t think it would work that well but I’ve been getting a good nights rest without any disruptions. Oh and you can even use this as skincare! Just mix in with moisturiser or oil for a boost.” Yanin, Pretty Sickly

“I have half a dropper of this earthy-tasting CBD whenever I get anxious/ palpitations, a headache or the tell-tale signs a menstrual migraine start sneaking in and it works a treat. I keep this bottle on me at all times, (it lives in my handbag) and hasn’t leaked once. Will definitely be repurchasing this!” Emmie, Cult Beauty

“I decided to take CBD oil to deal with some internal battles I was having with anxious and depressive thoughts. Having this apart of my daily routine really helped me to find balance and not let my own anxiety get the better of me. It’s the deep breath we all need and the miracle we’ve been waiting for. Thank you Disciple.” Ayesha Marr

“Four days ago I decided to try CBD oil to deal with 6 years of Postmenopausal problems. I can not believe how much difference this amazing oil has made to my life in such a very short space of time. Bye bye HRT.” Jennifer

“I’ve used many CBD tinctures in the past to treat migraines and general stress, and this one is as good as any of the more expensive brands. Also love the dropper as it doesn’t leak in your bag like a lot of other droppers do. This is a staple product for me now!” Shelley

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