We know that stress has a direct link to skin health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, your skin is likely to show signs of this in terms of acne, dullness and dehydration. Here at DISCIPLE we are always looking for new and innovative ways to treat your skin, which is funny because Gua Sha is nothing new, in fact it’s an ancient remedy. It’s a facial massage technique that has been practiced in Eastern Asia for centuries. The actual practice is called Gua Sha. Traditionally it is usually used on the body as a vigorous scraping method. Vigorous scraping; not exactly something you want to do to your face, however don’t fret facial Gua Sha is gentle, it’s more glide and sweep with light pressure instead of scrape. 

When we researched Gua Sha facial massaging here at DISCIPLE, we were astounded by the benefits it claimed to give. Surely one tool can’t do all this - *spoiler alert* it does work and it is amazing. Regular practice using Firm Face will increase blood flow to the face. Boosting circulation supports healthy cell renewal which in turn will reduce inflammation on the skin. Facial massaging aids in promoting lymphatic drainage. Using Firm Face on a regular basis will help detoxify the lymph nodes and get rid of excess fluids which helps to clear skin. Regular use will see collagen production increasing and  facial muscles firming up! The face has over 40 muscles all with different functions working together to show expressions and contain stress so relieving the skin via Firm Face will result in a brighter more even complexion. The more you practice, the better the results will be.

Tension is your face and body is natural response to stress. I tend to hold my stress in my jawline and temples. I’ve been practicing with my Firm Face tool sweeping the tool from the centre of my eyebrow to my temples and ever since I’ve been raving about how much it’s reduced my tension headaches when combined with CBD Miracle Drops. Depending on what part of the tool I use, I can de-puff my eye bags and contour my cheekbones all in one sitting! I usually perform Gua Sha as part of my night time self care routine when zen is much needed in my life. This was easy to incorporate as I found the repetitive strokes therapeutic. It’s definitely helped me to relax as I can feel the tension releasing itself and when I wake up in the morning my skin is considerably less puffy. Firm Face is made from black obsidian stone (GOT fans will know it as dragonglass) formed from cooled molten lava. It boasts properties of protection and warding off negative energies, so it’s perfect for when I need to cleanse my aura. 

De-stress with Firm Face