Essential Oil FAQs

What is an essential oil?

They are powerful plant compounds that are usually extracted by steam distillation. The extraction process ensures that the best part of the plant can be harnessed in its entirety, utilising  the actives that once protected the plant and encouraged growth. When used in skincare or for other holistic uses, these amazing phytochemicals can provide antioxidant protection, adapatgenic and antiseptic properties and encourage a general sense of wellbeing. They can affect your olfactory system (the area that connects your brain to your nose) and evidence has shown that essential oils can have an effect on the limbic system (the area in the brain that controls mood, emotions and instinct). Essential oil molecules are so small that they can sink deep into your skin and even reach the bloodstream. Each essential oil has their own unique blend of potent plant chemistry, hence there are a variety of oils best suited for a number of uses.

How do I use the essential oil? 

You can enjoy your essential oil in a number of ways. All of our essential oils are 100% pure and undiluted, and so they should not be applied directly onto the skin

Inhalation and topical application with a carrier substance are the most common.

The most popular forms of inhalation are:  


Add a few drops of your essential oil to a diffuser and enjoy extended relaxation around your home. During inhalation, the odour molecules travel through the nose and directly to the brain, which is why what you smell can trigger memories and elicit feelings.

Dry evaporation

Add 2-3 drops onto a tissue or cotton pad and allow the oil to slowly diffuse around the room. For a more powerful effect, bring it directly to your nose and breathe in slowly.


Add 1-2 drops to a bowl of hot, boiled water.  You can then leave it to diffuse around the room, or if you're after a more intense experience you can opt for a steam. Use a towel to cover your head and the bowl. Be sure to close your eyes, and taking care to not come into too close contact with the hot water, inhale deeply. This is a powerful way to enjoy the benefits of your essential oil, so take it gently and enjoy the steam in short, manageable bursts. Remember to come up for air!


Re-use an old mist bottle and add 2-3 drops of your essential oil to some water. Give it a good shake and spritz onto your pillow or around the room. 

Can I use them topically? 

To use essential oils topically you have to mix them with a carrier oil or with water. They should be used at a maximum strength of 3% to 5%, which means adding around 3 to 5 drops per teaspoon of the carrier substance. Organic, cold pressed oils are best as they do not have a scent. Our Miracle Drops are also a great base if you're looking to add an additional mood boosting element to your wellness routine.

When adding a few drops of essential oil to water, be sure to give it a good shake beforehand. If adding to a bath, add no more than 3-4 drops and give the water a good swirl. 

Are they suitable for use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding? 

Although all natural, essential oils can pack a punch when it comes to their activity on a molecular level. Infact they are small enough to get into the bloodstream, hence their powerful therapeutic effects. Some studies on essential oils have provided some evidence that they may disrupt hormones, and due to the sensitive nature of pregnancy and breastfeeding it is advised that they should not be used during this time.