Last week we released our 100mg CBD miracle drops to Disciple friends and fam.

We wanted to get honest feedback ahead of our launch in January. Recap: Miracle Drops are 1% CBD in pure hemp oil and reportedly amazing for inflammation, anxiety, stress, insomnia. Pretty much everything!

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing top tips on how much and how best to use CBD, including features from guest writers and bloggers sharing how they use theirs.

Our top three ways to use miracle drops are blending it with our face oils, adding it to coffee and two drops under the tongue, or as we like to say at Disciple HQ ‘down the hatch’.

So the positive feedback has been flying in and we thought we’d share this from Lora:

“I tried it last night for the first time and my skin looked amazing when I woke up this morning! No redness and a blemish I had on my face isn’t inflamed anymore!”

Following Lora’s feedback we are sharing how best to use miracle drops with our oils.

After cleansing your face, washing the day away - pop a couple of drops of either Good Skin or Dreamy Skin into the palm of your hand followed by two drops of CBD Miracle Drops. Gently massage your palms together, heating up the oils, inhale and gently massage the oils across your face in upward motions. Don’t forget you neck! Allow the oils to sink into your skin and enjoy a relaxing evening and a good nights sleep. If you suffer from very dry skin you can use a nourishing serum beforehand or layer with a moisturising cream or balm on top.

Now some of you may be wondering how effective topical application of CBD is, well - up to 70% of what you put on the skin ends up in the body. Mic drop. And if that wasn’t enough, a Disciple team member has been using this routine for two weeks and found it helps her fall asleep quickly at night despite being a notorious insomniac!

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