Ask Charlotte: Help! I'm An Avid Procrastinator

Q: Hi Charlotte, I've always struggled with not getting distracted when I'm working. I've recently gone freelance and need to become more disciplined with my time. Recently, I've become really aware of how much energy and time I waste flicking through social media when the hours could be better spent being more productive. Do you have any recommendations for how I can start to tackle the growing pile of work on my desk? It's starting to make me anxious as I know I'll end up tackling it all last minute; It seems the more deadlines that fall into my inbox, the more I seem to procrastinate! 

Feeling focused is something most people struggle with, and with todays technology, where screens are constantly in front of us it doesn’t make things any easier. You probably have habits that are affecting your ability to concentrate and get stuff done.

Natural actives are great when you are in need of a quick boost. When I need to focus and concentrate on a big task, some of my favourites are Miracle Drops (CBD) & rosemary essential oil. Try diluting a few drops with your AM face oil. Rosemary oil is known to have an ability to stimulate the mind and improve overall cognitive performance and the CBD will help to ease any deadline nerves or underlying anxiety.

You can also add a few drops to your morning coffee for an added push.Try increasing your positive thoughts, start thinking with the glass half full rather than empty. Rather than focusing on how big the project is, decide what you'll enjoy about it and just get stuck in to those tasks first. Before you know it, you'll gain momentum and the task will probably go on to become an enjoyable experience, providing you with a great sense of relief and pride when you finally reach the finish line. 

If the starting goal isn't looking too attractive, incentivise the end goal and make it worth the hard work. Alternatively you can conquer procrastination and just get things done by starting with the most difficult task first.