Winter Wellness Tips

You might be sick of hearing it, but I honestly cannot believe that 2019 almost over. This year has been a real rollercoaster of emotions and I’ve experienced some amazing highs, and some pretty rough lows. I’ve realised that taking care of myself – both mentally and physically – is a priority, and working out how to do that has been a focus of mine over the last 12 months. My efforts are being doubled during the winter months and, if you’re anything like me, you sometimes need to be reminded that looking after yourself is essential, so here’s an insight into my winter wellness routine.

       1. Say ‘no’ to things more often

We’re often told to say ‘yes’ to things as much as possible, and while this can lead to exciting doors being opened, it isn’t always beneficial when you’re trying to stay well. Thanks to dark nights and nippy temperatures, sometimes all we want to do is scurry off home from work and retreat to our beds (usually armed with snacks and a new Netflix series) – and there’s no shame in that! If you’re really not feeling that event, or don’t fancy hanging outside a rammed pub in sub-zero temperatures, saying ‘no’ can feel so good. Listen to your body and don’t try to stretch yourself too thinly!

       2. Get plenty of sleep

I’m a self-confessed night owl and find it quite hard to switch off at night, which ultimately stops my body and mind from fully switching off. This inevitably leads to a groggy start to the day with the snooze button being hit at least five times before I finally leave my bed. I’ve learnt that dedicating time to a proper evening routine helps me to relax and get into a better headspace for sleeping. I love to come home and take my makeup off using Night Shift and a muslin cloth as it leaves my face feeling clean and moisturised, something which is key when looking after dried out, winter skin. I then take my time and massage 3-4 drops of Dreamy Skin into my skin to add even more moisture. After these two simple steps, I feel pampered, nourished and ready to bunker down for a good night’s sleep!

       3. Stay hydrated

Although the golden days of summer may be a distant memory, it’s still super important to get enough fluids throughout the day! With icy winds and plenty of boozy affairs, our skin can easily dry out during the winter and lose its natural glow. I try to make sure that I drink at least two litres of water a day and focus on keeping my lips protected with a nourishing balm such as this one from Burt’s Bees. Before leaving the house, I also spritz a decent amount of Juicy Mist onto my face and neck which is amazing at retaining the moisture in my skin. I tend to take it out with me in my work bag too, just in case my skin needs rejuvenating before drinks!

       4. Treat yo’self!

Yes, Christmas shopping is meant to be for other people, but you’ve got to treat yourself every now and then. I love being cosy and melt at a brand new pair of fluffy bed socks, so throwing a few little presents for myself into my basket when shopping feels great and helps to make my evening routines even more enjoyable.

Written by Claude, Disciple Brand Ambassador.