Transformation Tuesday With Mish

It all started with Dreamy Skin - which I must have repurchased like 7 or 8 times now! Shortly before I was introduced to Dreamy Skin, I had removed the contraceptive implant which caused me lot of hormonal break outs. That had massive impact on my confidence and general perception of self. The immediate effect on my skin was mind-blowing and since then I have been purchasing Disciple products.


My main skincare routine is in the evening (as someone who works in gym, my face gets in close contact with a lot of dirt and sweat). I remove my make up and then continue washing my face with Clean Slate. I go in for a final cleanse with Night Shift oil cleanser - my second favourite product! This helps me to unwind, I love the smell. I then finish my routine with Dreamy Skin and Firm Face Gua Sha. Before my period my skin gets little bit more inflamed, so I use What Spot around this time, and I absolutely love using Balancing Mist in the summer.