Anxiety, stress and low mood can cause inflammatory skin issues such as adult-acne. Ever noticed that when you're stressed and anxious, your skin can suffer too? If you're prone to acne and breakouts, periods of elevated stress and anxiety can really make your breakouts worse.

 Hormone fluctuations are the main cause and anxiety may also cause you to do things like spot squeezing causes scarring and may spread bacteria - increasing the likelihood of a future breakout.


Stress causes skin to produce more oil. This increased production of oil can easily clog hair follicles, allowing acne to form. Stress also causes blood to flow away from the skin and to parts of the body more vital to survival (that good old fight or flight). Reduced blood available to the skin can cause skin problems, such as aggravating acne.


Disciple products are unique in that they work not only on the surface of the skin but the adaptogen rich formulas help the body and mind deal with internal stress too. Up to seventy per cent of skincare is absorbed into the body, making Disciple oils the perfect delivery system for therapeutic grade, stress-busting plant extracts.

All of our products are hand-blended in small batches — using the best botanical raw ingredients. We choose ingredients and formulations that are not harmful to your health and are vegan friendly.


Adaptogens. Potent plant extracts that balance, restore and protect the body. Anxiety and stress increase cortisol - our stress hormone, eventually this imbalance can directly interfere with the testosterone pathway and cause acne. We use botanical adaptogens that greatly improve your body's ability to adapt to stress and help to rebalance hormones.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          We cannot guarantee efficacy of Disciple products when mixed with products from other brands. Results may vary.

What are our customers saying...

“I’ve suffered with adult acne for ten years now and have tried every remedy and cult product under the sun. As I hit my 30s I’ve taken a bit of a leap and started taking prescription meds but a side effect of this is that my super oily skin has become so dry and sensitive.

I’d used Disciple for a few months anyway but it’s pretty much one of the only products I can put onto my face without burning or other side effects- proof that natural is best! It’s an absolute godsend and whilst nourishing my skin, I know it’s not going to aggravate and cause more spots.”